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A Core Energetics process group is an ongoing closed group that is held every two weeks for two hours.  Group size is between 8-12 members.

A Core Energetics Group Therapy group is a regular commitment and members are required to sign a contract of commitment.  Over time the group forms relationships that are representative of relationships they have outside group.  However, in group members can experiment with different behaviour and relational dynamics.  In a safe environment, they get an opportunity to receive feedback about their patterns of relating and behaving.

Each group session will involve grounding exercises, movement, breathing, mindfulness, sharing and expressive work.

An interview and / or individual sessions are required prior to anyone joining a Core Energetics process group.

Group details

Venue: 2057 Pittwater Rd, Bayview  NSW  2104

Date: Every alternate Thursday morning
Time: 9.30-11.30 am
Fee: $60 for two hours
Group Therapy
To find out more about Core Energetics Group Therapy please call Alisa on 0458 500 412 or email