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Core Energetics is a body-centred psychotherapy honouring the mind, body and spirit in the therapeutic process.

Originated by the late Dr. John Pierrakos, a heart-centred American physician and psychiatrist, who was committed to helping people move beyond their childhood wounds and into a life embodied with joy, vibrancy and authenticity. 

Core Energetics as a Body Psychotherapy extends beyond talking therapy and moves naturally into uncovering the individual’s body wisdom. Here, in their bodies, humans hold their life’s story, which, ultimately, contains the wisdom to know how to heal. This Body Psychotherapy modality supports people into the “Core” of their being – the place wisdom resides – to heal their “life wounds”.

“Life wounds” are the wounds we experienced in our childhood which form our present day beliefs and impact our decisions and choices and often lead to anxiety, depression, trauma, illness and dysfunctional relationships.

Core Energetics therapy draws from the teachings of Freud, Jung, Wilhelm Reich (Characterology) and Alexander Lowen (Bioenergetics).

A Body Psychotherapy Core Energetics session will involve talk therapy, breathing, mindfulness, expression and movement. The client is supported in a warm, considerate and respectful way.

It takes great courage to confront the part of ourselves that lies below the mask and defences we show to the world. Core Energetics is one of the few modalities that truly holds a loving space for the parts of ourselves that can be destructive, cruel, mean, jealous and holds rage. There is truth here, and it also leads to separation from the ones we love. The goal of Core Energetics is to help a client transform the negativity into positivity, love, compassion and acceptance.

Core Energetics and Body Psychotherapy
“The moment we break down and transform our defences, we experience a total flow of energy and love throughout the body, and our consciousness changes.”

John Pierrakos
Core Energetics

Core Energetics and Body Psychotherapy

To find out more about Core Energetics and Body Psychotherapy or to book an appointment please call 0458 500 412 or email alisa@alisalollback.com.au